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Dr. Howell presenting in boardroom

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Dear Colleagues,


It is my pleasure to welcome you back to a year that is shaping up to be unlike any other in many ways. Yet, realistically, it will be the same as we focus on what we do best: To provide learning and growing opportunities for the young people of our community!


I took the opportunity yesterday to stop by a few buildings in order to gauge where we are as a district. While I recognize that we all have some anxiety about the future, it was not visibly apparent as I visited with teachers and staff. Truly, what I experienced was quite the opposite. While there was the typical back to school hustle and bustle in the office, hallways and rooms, there was a very obvious sense of renewed enthusiasm preparing for the arrival of learners who we haven’t seen for nearly six months.


I hope that you would agree with me that as a district we are not only ready for this challenge, but we will embrace it as an opportunity to reconnect socially, academically and emotionally. In the midst of the pandemic, I have seen many signs and commercials that communicate a sense of being “together.” TOGETHER has been part of our district motto for many years, and to your credit, I know that each of you have already incorporated this into your classrooms and into your lives.


Our Board of Trustees, administrators and coordinators are committed to supporting all of your efforts to not only improve our current conditions, but to ensure that we continue to progress well beyond the pandemic. That said, each of us have it within ourselves to bring about change. That change can be positive or negative depending on our long-term goals, our current direction, or even our mood at a given time. I encourage you (and me) to take a few minutes for self-reflection to determine how we can and will make a difference in the lives of the people with whom we associate. Remember, too, our associations can be very close or casual, but how we initiate or respond to others will set the stage for future interactions. Even a smile is contagious.


My best wishes to each of you as we embark upon this new year. I look forward to what our impact will be next May as we evaluate a year of learning unlike any of us have experienced before.


With my greatest admiration for our D25 team,


Dr. Douglas Howell



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