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Information on Requesting Your Transcript for Your College Application Process

Seniors, once you apply for admissions to a college/university, please give the registrar ample time (2 weeks) to send your transcript. It takes 7-10 days for the college/university to receive your transcript via mail.  If you wait until the last minute, your transcript will not arrive by the scheduled deadline, which in turn can eliminate your chances for academic scholarships. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of the deadlines for application, scholarships and admissions.  Several of the Idaho colleges/universities have priority deadlines in February. Please visit the college’s website to locate their priority deadline or speak to your counselor or a College & Career Advisor.

Idaho State Board of Education Scholarships available to seniors planning to attend an Idaho university 2-year college or Technical college

Idaho Governor’s Cup--2.8 Min. GPA service hours            Idaho Opportunity—Min 2.7GPA, need based

Upcoming Registration Information for 2020-2021 School Year

Starting on Monday, February 3rd, counselors will visit 9th & 10th grade math classes and junior history classes to review the following:

**How to access their 4 year plan/Academic Planning in Inf. Campus

**The process of selecting classes

**We will have them start choosing core courses for next year

**Answer questions students have about courses or the process of registering


On February 10th, their TA/Homeroom teacher will give each student a packet of papers with Academic Planning Instructions including:

**Graduation requirements for each grade including choices for English, US Hist. 2, science, etc.

**elective options at HHS (we have some new classes we are excited about!)

**Dual Enrollment/College Credit courses available at HHS-we currently have 22 college credit courses taught at HHS!

**Elective courses that HHS does not teach, but that students can take at CHS & PHS.

Please, PLEASE take time to read these documents. They have invaluable information for both you and your learner.

Students will continue to work on their Academic Planning each week in Homeroom for several Mondays.  You and your learner can access their Academic Plan from home by logging into your learners Inf. Campus account.

WE CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW IMPORTANT IT IS FOR YOUR STUDENT TO ATTEND TA ON MONDAYS AND WE ENCOURAGE YOU AS GAURDIANS TO ACTIVIELY HELP YOUR LEARNER WITH CHOOSING THEIR COURSES. We offer the courses that our students choose, so each student needs to take this process seriously so they can help to ensure that programs they are interested in is taught next year.


There is still time to apply for Boys & Girls State!  Please read below

Boys State Girls State

Junior students-A Boys and Girls State meeting will be held on January 29, during lunchtime in room C-28. Senior students that attended State last year will present information and applications will be handed out at that time.

►Boys and Girls State are among the most respected and selective educational programs of government instruction for U.S. high school students.  One week at Girls or Boys State could change your life while also developing in you a deep understanding of how the government system works.

►The program is one in which participants learn about rights, privileges and responsibilities of U.S. citizens in a one-week program. Most programs are held on a college campus and students live in the dorms.

►Students in attendance come from all different areas within the state, and they come with various levels of understanding of how the government works.

If your student has additional questions after attending the meeting, please have them see the appropriate counselor listed below.

Boys State-Tricia Harvala, Counselor         Girls State-Christa Santos-Smith, Counselor


United States Naval Academy Summer Seminar

Naval Academy


  •          FAFSA: We encourage all students and families to complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The FAFSA is an assessment of a student’s / family’s ability to contribute to the cost of a college education or career / technical training. Even if you do not expect the FAFSA to indicate your eligibility for federal grants, most scholarship grantors require students to complete a FAFSA. The college career advisors are glad to help you in completing the FAFSA, which can be daunting if it is your first or if you and your family are new to the college application process.
  •          It is scholarship season. We hope your senior has completed his or her applications to college, career / technical education, or apprenticeships (but if not, it’s not too late). Between now and mid-April we encourage all seniors going on after graduation to apply for scholarships. There is a white scholarship binder in the college career area, and the advisors there can help your senior research scholarships. We had a very positive response to Scholarship Night on January 13th, so we know there is interest – and need. Don’t leave scholarship money on the table. We are here to help.
  •          Students who are composing resumes, writing personal statements, or responding to prompts for scholarship essays are encouraged to bring all those items to the college career advisors for  feedback, guidance, and brainstorming.
  •          Idaho State’s Bengal Bridge program will be speaking to all seniors on Monday, February 10th. Bengal Bridge offers a summer transition program to give new students a soft landing to college, and they can earn college credits (up to 10 credits) at a greatly reduced tuition price. Feel free to contact the college career advisors with any questions.
  •          Idaho State is offering a Your Fit Health Occupation Expo on Tuesday, February 25th from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Ballroom of the Pond Student Union Building. Idaho State is Idaho’s flagship health professions institution, which trains health professionals from physical therapy assistants to nurses and pharmacists. Interactive and hands-on, students in grades 6 through 12 are encouraged to attend.
  •          The Construction Combine – sponsored by Home Depot, Idaho State, and the Idaho Department of Labor – is April 1 and 2, and offers high school students an opportunity to learn introductory hands-on building and construction skills. Employers then “draft” those students who distinguish themselves for summer work or work after graduation. Applications (and permission forms for those younger than 18) are in the college career and counseling area.
  •          Looking ahead to the third trimester and the summer, students who might want to begin dual enrollment classes at ISU will apply to the Early College Program, return required forms with signatures, and take ALEKS tests. Juniors are, hopefully, preparing for the SATs in April and considering which college and training programs they might apply to. Some students and families may want to travel over the summer to visit Idaho’s colleges and universities or schools and colleges in other states. And, as always, academic performance and personal qualities directly equate to scholarship monies in the senior year, so work hard, stay focused on your studies, and start to reflect on those things you do well and that give you satisfaction.




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