About Our School

1800 Bench Rd
Pocatello, ID 83201
Bradley Wallace
Asst. Principal:
Ted Bell
Asst. Principal:
Steven Morton
Asst. Principal:
Jena Wilcox
Important Numbers:
(208) 237-1300
(208) 237-1350

Elementary School: 14     (grades K-5)

Middle School: 4              (grades 6-8)     

High School: 4                 (grades 9-12)


Contact Information:

Principal: Bradley Wallace, wallacbr@sd25.us


Counselors: (by assigned alphabet)

Tami Romriell (A-D) romrieta@sd25.us

Christa Santo-Smith (E-K) sanstoch@sd25.us

Cali Baker (L-R) bakerc1@sd25.us

Tricia Harvala (S-Z) harvaltr@sd25.us


Highland High School:

Highland High School is a public high school with approximately 1600 students. The school first opened its doors in 1963.  Our senior class is composed of 355 students. Our 2018-19 seniors earned over 12 million dollars in scholarships last year. We have Advanced Placement classes in the following areas: Art, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, English, Government, History, Physics, and World History. Highland also offers multiple dual-enrollment courses with Idaho State University, College of Southern Idaho and multiple technical schools. Last year over 55% of our student body participated in dual enrollment classes with a 99% pass rate. More than 62% of our students participated in career technical education classes with a pass rate of 97%. Our ACT and SAT average scores exceed both our district and state scores.


Highland provides well rounded extra-curricular programs that have a long history of national and state placements, as well as, yearly championships in our various athletic and academic programs. Our Athletic programs consistently earn Academic State Championship Awards. These achievements illustrate that our RAMS strive for excellence as they implement the Highland motto "Right Attitude Means Success".


School Description

Public Four Year high school

Enrollment            1604

Senior Class          355

Faculty & Staff      110


Graduation Requirements

English                 8 Credits

Speech                  1 Credit

Math                    7 Credits

US History I          2 Credits

US History II        2 Credits

US Government    2 Credits

Science                 6 Credits    

Health                  1 Credit

Economics            1 Credit

Humanities’          2 Credits

Electives               20 Credits

Total:                   52 Credits

Senior Project, Civics Test, and College Entrance Exam must also be completed.


Grading Scale and Weighted Grades:

Grade Points AP Points Percent


A = 4.0/5.0 90-100%

B = 3.0/4.0 80-89%

C = 2.0/3.0 70-79%

D = 1.0/2.0  60-69%

F = 0.0        59% and below    

Student's ranking and grade point averages are provided on transcripts.